Corona Virus Risk and Spread avoidance.

In line with Government advice to stop the spread of ‘Corona Virus, Covid 19’, customers are not able to travel to Patterdale Hall and as such it impossible for us to operate as a residential adventure learning centre, until such a time that the government allow free movement.

We expect this to be until Mid June 2020 at the earliest but will review the plans weekly, and communicate with our customers. We are all in this together!

Please email if you have any queries.

Missing your residential?!

Wherever possible we want to place our customers with new dates, beyond the crisis, and before April 2021. We realise that this may not be possible for all groups (such as year 6 groups).

Please refer to the booking terms and conditions, to understand further the terms that relate to force majeure and cancellation. Here.

Most school groups, in line with the booking terms and conditions have Trips and Journey Insurance and are able to claim against this if we are unable agree new dates with you.

Please keep in touch with us and look after yourselves.

The Patterdale Team.